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Vibrant Health Spa, is proud to be the only recognised Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic throughout UK, to teach on the ‘LIBBE’ Colon Hydrotherapy Device.

We cover the same syllabus as the Manufacturer in Texas, USA.
Our LIBBE Device Training is always in small groups, interactive, and in a relaxed environment.

Once trained with us, you will be Certified to Safely operate or purchase a LIBBE Device.
Training with us entitles you to $1,500 off the purchase of a LIBBE Device, providing purchase is complete within 180 days of Certification.

See documents attached to the buttons below, or contact us for more details.

LIBBE has exceeded Quality Standards (since 1995) required by many Medical Device Regulating Agencies;
USA FDA 21,  ISO13485, CE 0459, Europe – EU, The Netherlands, Australia, Health Canada, Mexico, Others.
LIBBE Colon Hydrotherapy Medical Systems are being used by Health Care Professionals in over 45 Countries.