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1. Choose Your Test

We offer 3 tests depending on the number of foods you would like test for.

2. Take The Test

Each test includes a sterile lancet and absorbent wand that you can safely and conveniently use at home.
Simply take a sample and return to our UK Laboratory in the enclosed prepaid postage bag.
You will typically receive your results within 10days.

3. Act On Your Results

The food triggers that could be causing you r symptoms are highlighted using a traffic light system that shows which foods have a reaction, borderline reaction, or no reaction.

A guidebook will recommend how to eliminate problem foods, and cover a variety of lifestyle adjustments that will improve your chances of being able to reintroduce foods in the future.  It also includes a comprehensive food diary so that you can keep track of your progression.

Lorisian Food Sensitivity Tests


Over 45% of the population react adversely to foods that they eat, which whilst not life threatening, can have a massive impact on someone’s quality of work and home life.

The way that food can affect our everyday life is often difficult to explain and it is common for people to try and eliminate foods from their diet to help themselves feel better. Often they don’t know which foods to try and eliminate and have to guess. Many people don’t know that identifying food intolerances† can be an important element of optimising health and wellbeing.

Lorisian, has over 35 years’ experience, specialising in laboratory tests that measure food triggers (food-specific IgG antibodies).  Our results offer a fast track or starting point for an elimination diet.  The tests are aimed at those that may have food intolerances*, and those who want to optimise their diets by avoiding any foods that they are reacting to.  Our aim is to promote wellbeing within the pressures of a modern lifestyle. There are 3 testing options available with reactions to 75, 100 or 150+ different food ingredients tested.

*Food intolerance is a condition with a range of symptoms including gut symptoms, bloating, headaches, migraines, low mood, fatigue, weight gain and skin problems.
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