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By looking at our daily lives and starting the process of reducing the amount of harmful Toxins / Poisons / Un-natural Chemical compounds we consume, we begin the healing process.
As with Nutrition, we cannot Regenerate and obtain optimum function of our bodies, if we continue to poison or harm ourselves.
Colon Cleansing & Detoxification — The elimination of toxic wastes, metals, poisons, etc — has been used to promote health in cultures around the world for thousands of years.
Many health problems may be associated with prolonged exposure to various toxic agents that our bodies may not be able to cleanse completely.

The human body has the capability to naturally detoxify and cleanse toxic substances; however this ability may be compromised due to poor digestion and over exposure to substances such as Tobacco, Caffeine, Alcohol, Pharmaceutical medications, Environmental toxins, Xeno-estrogens found in cosmetics, etc.
Certain nutrients are also in greater demand to help turn toxic substances into harmless by-products for elimination from the body.
Poor quality foods and bad dietary habits, make it difficult to consume an adequate amount of these nutrients.
We are all exposed to toxins every day, in the air we breathe, food we eat, products we use, and so on.

Modern living is often fast paced, stressful and over busy.  This can lead to a toxic mind through the fostering of negative thoughts and emotions. General unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life will follow.

Detoxification is the removal, or cleansing, of these toxins, which accumulate throughout the body.  Such toxins include foreign proteins, heavy metals and chemicals from artificial sources such as; GM Foods, Tooth Fillings (Mercury), Soaps, Shampoos, Toothpastes (Flouride), and materials used in our homes.

The food we eat, our often sedentary lifestyles, pollution and poor elimination, eventually leads to clogged and unhealthy intestines. As a result of this, there is significant reduction in the function and ability to process food and nutrients, leading to reduced vitality overall.

The father of Western Medicine Hippocrates stated, “Colon toxicity is the common denominator of all disease”.

Colon Cleansing / Colonic Irrigation, is of paramount importance in today’s world.

The intestines are responsible for the correct nutritional absorption, and waste elimination, therefore the vitality of the entire body is reliant on a healthy Colon & Intestines.
The Organs, Glands, Cells, Heart and Mind, all rely on the intestines for proper nutrient absorption.
When we detox our bodies from harmful chemicals and substances, nourish our cells with the correct nutrients, it will lead to restored vitality.

All adults, especially those who live in big Cities, with poor air quality, would benefit from Colon Cleansing on a regular basis.

Colon Hydrotherapy (when done correctly), is the safest and quickest method for naturally cleansing the large intestines of harmful bacteria, chemicals, toxins, poisons, and so on.  Coupled with a healthy lifestyle can start the process of reversing dis-ease in the body, bringing a sense of vitality rarely experienced in today’s world.