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Welcome to Vibrant Health Spa

UK’s Exclusive Holistic Medi-Spa

UK's Exclusive Colonic Irrigation & Holistic Medi-Spa

Specialising in Holistic Methods to help you be your best Self

Located just outside of North London, in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

It would not be wrong to say that we live in a toxic age amidst additives in our Food, Pesticides on our crops, Air Pollution and so on.
Our bodies have the ability to Detoxify on a regular basis; it however is unable to remove few toxic remains which build up over the years.

Colon Cleansing is as a natural way to improve your health as it removes unwanted toxins from the body.
Food and various chemicals that the body is exposed to every day can build up and be harmful to your immune system, when not fully eliminated.

The colon is involved in the absorption of water, assimilation of nutrients and minerals, as well as the synthesis of vitamins, and elimination of waste matter.

Colon Hydrotherapy has in recent years become popular amongst Celebrities, Professional Athletes and wealthy individuals.

Our mission is to make Colonic Irrigation available to everyone who would benefit from it.

The System we use is the most advanced Class 2 Medical Device Worldwide, it is Safe, Effective, Private and Comfortable.

We are the only recognised Clinic throughout the U.K, to teach on this state of the art equipment.

Eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise are two powerful components, but sometimes we need a bit more when it comes to harmful toxins, many of which are often stored in the colon.

We consider it our duty and passion to teach you about the benefits of practicing Colon Hydrotherapy.

Pillars of Vibrant Health, UK's Exclusive Colonic & Holistic Medi-Spa

Our Aim is to Specialise in Longevity & Holistic Methods, to Harness Vital Energy and improve overall Health

The basis of our work is to Detoxify, Harmonise and Regenerate every Living Cell in the Human body, whether it be to reverse an illness, to obtain greater Vitality or for Spiritual growth, our Holistic Methods can help.

The Holistic Methods we use include; Colonic Irrigation, Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Flower Remedies, Plant Based Nutrition, Mindfulness, Exercise and more.

Our Mission, is to improve the life of everyone who visits us, through sharing our knowledge and love, of True Vibrant Health.

By improving the internal life force in our bodies, we notice life as a total will be improved.

Our focus is to teach and encourage you, to improve your Self Awareness towards how you treat your body.
You must be willing to have an open mind, and do the work necessary to reach your goals, and live a Vibrant Life.

We experience life from within, there is no greater feeling than that of True Vibrant Health.

The Holistic Methods we offer go a long way to save you time / money and effort to speed up the process of Detoxification and Cell Regeneration.